This is How Wi-Fi Actually Works

I decided to write this blog because there appears to be a very common misunderstanding about how Wi-Fi works among end-users and even many network administrators as well. Instead of repeating myself, I can share this link with folks that need a little lesson in 802.11 operation. Wi-Fi is does not work like AM/FM broadcast radio.Continue reading “This is How Wi-Fi Actually Works”

Configure FreeRADIUS with Different CA’s for PEAP and EAP-TLS

Many WLAN’s administrators purchase commercial SSL certificates for their RADIUS server to use for PEAP 802.1X authentication. The advantage of this approach is that a cert from a common commercial CA is likely to have its root CA cert already installed on all the clients accessing the network. Although many clients will still prompt the user to trust the server’sContinue reading “Configure FreeRADIUS with Different CA’s for PEAP and EAP-TLS”

Get Your WLAN Ready for Carrier Wi-Fi Calling

To follow-up my last post where I expressed concern about marking cellular carrier Wi-Fi calls with the proper QoS class, I’m please to see that Cisco will include application signatures for Wi-Fi Calling in it’s upcoming AVC Protocol Pack 15 update. Other vendors should follow suit. Keep in mind that changing the classification of VoWiFi packets onContinue reading “Get Your WLAN Ready for Carrier Wi-Fi Calling”