Sorting Out BSS Color, Spatial Reuse, and Dual NAV

This post first appeared on We usually only hear about BSS Coloring in the marketing of Wi-Fi 6, but Spatial Reuse and Dual NAV are related important features of 802.11ax. Let’s sort them out, but first some background. All 802.11 stations (AP’s and clients) must make sure that the channel they are operating onContinue reading “Sorting Out BSS Color, Spatial Reuse, and Dual NAV”

What’s Different About 802.11ax in 6 GHz

There has been some consternation that 802.11ax should have a greenfield mode in 6 GHz, leaving behind all the protocol overhead used for backwards compatibility in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. This mythical mode could also have fantastic new capabilities that would now be possible without legacy PHY requirements. 6 GHz is an opportunityContinue reading “What’s Different About 802.11ax in 6 GHz”