A Look at a Real World Thread Network

Thread is a fast growing wireless protocol for low power IoT networks. It’s a feature of Matter, which can also use BLE and Wi-Fi. Similar to Zigbee, Thread uses 802.15.4 for its PHY and MAC, but an important difference is that it uses 6LoWPAN for the network layer, so IPv6 addressing is used for allContinue reading “A Look at a Real World Thread Network”

A Review of the GL.iNet Slate AX Travel Router

As a wireless engineer who spends a good amount of time on the road for work and family trips, I’m often unhappy with the quality of the Wi-Fi in hotels, Airbnb’s, and shared workspaces I find myself in. In many of those places, deploying my own AP is a good solution when I can doContinue reading “A Review of the GL.iNet Slate AX Travel Router”

Sorting Out BSS Color, Spatial Reuse, and Dual NAV

This post first appeared on 7signal.com. We usually only hear about BSS Coloring in the marketing of Wi-Fi 6, but Spatial Reuse and Dual NAV are related important features of 802.11ax. Let’s sort them out, but first some background. All 802.11 stations (AP’s and clients) must make sure that the channel they are operating onContinue reading “Sorting Out BSS Color, Spatial Reuse, and Dual NAV”