Frame by Frame is a blog about 802.11 Wi-Fi networking. The purpose of this blog is to share my learning experience, thoughts, and questions as my WLAN knowledge and experience grows. There are plenty of other Wi-Fi blogs out there so my goal here to to share unique, original content. I don’t want rehash what’s already been written elsewhere.

I am CWNE #183, which stands for Certified Wireless Network Expert. I also hold CCNA Wireless and Aerohive Certified Wireless Professional certifications, among others.

I’m a wireless network engineer at a healthcare network. I’ve also been an IT Coordinator for a medium size public school district in southwest Ohio, and worked as a network engineer for a managed services provider.

Hopefully there will be information presented here that others will find useful. I encourage readers to comment and create a dialog with me and others in the field.

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*For the curious reader, the name Frame by Frame was chosen as a tribute to the band King Crimson.